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Reconnecting Northland

Reconnecting Northland, run by WWF - New Zealand and New Zealand Landcare Trust, is Aotearoa New Zealand’s first large-scale ecological restoration programme.

Guided by Northland-based staff and a steering group, the programme encourages community-initiated projects to connect and work together, sharing energy, resources and knowledge, to create scale in their work. Reconnecting Northland is funded by three philanthropic organisations, demonstrating a new model for funders and non-government organisations to work together.

The Tindall Foundation’s vision is to help build a stronger, more sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand, enabling families, communities and the natural environment to thrive. This works well with community trust Foundation North (working in Auckland and Northland) who since 1988 has committed more than a billion dollars to support the region’s not-for-profit sector. The third partner is the HSBC Water Programme, a five-year programme launched in 2012 to provide and protect water sources, inform and educate communities, enable people to prosper, and to drive economic development across the world. The partners use the common areas of their visions to pool their resources, and work together to achieve much more than they could independently.

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