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Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Imagine 80 million non-recyclable supermarket butchery trays – they’d fill at least 14 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This is the number of trays that will be diverted from New Zealand’s landfill this year, thanks to innovation by Green Ribbon Award winners Foodstuffs and Alto Packaging. They’ve developed fully recyclable plastic food trays, which are now used in 190 Foodstuffs (NZ) supermarkets nationwide – and are being rolled out to more.

The new trays are 50 percent recycled plastic, and 100 percent recyclable. Foodstuffs have spent a number of years working with Alto Packaging to develop the trays, engaging with Auckland Council and Visy Recycling. The trays are exclusive to Foodstuffs supermarkets until the end of 2016, but will then be available to other businesses, with the potential to make an even bigger difference to New Zealand’s landfill waste.

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